AlphaDroid + AutoPilot

More Information for Employing AlphaDroid Portfolios on Riskalyze AutoPilot

Be Sure to Watch this Very Important Video.
This 15-minute webinar video introduces the Prudent Momentum Portfolios and describes how and why they work. It also demonstrates how to load them into a Riskalyze client portfolio and how to enable AutoPilot trading.

Converting from Standard to SMA Display Mode. This animated graphic demonstrates how to make Riskalyze show the true AlphaDroid Portfolio Risk Number as opposed to the Risk Number of only the current holding as if its algorithmic trading stopped today. (Hover to enlarge.)

Prudent Momentum Portfolio AUM Pricing:
 - Prudent Momentum 20:80 - 10 bps
 - Prudent Momentum 40:60 - 15 bps
 - Prudent Momentum 60:40 - 20 bps
 - Prudent Momentum 80:30 - 55 bps
 - Prudent Momentum 100:0 - 75 bps


Strategy/Portfolio Management Page Tours.

Wealth Manager Subscription: Select from among the posted portfolios or create some of your own design. Underlying strategies can't be edited . $299/mo.

Advanced Quant Subscription: You can do everything the Wealth Manager can, plus import, edit or create strategies of your own.  $499/mo.

45-Minute Seminar:
Demonstrates how True Sector Rotation can simultaneously improve returns and reduce risk.


Book Overview:
This book intends to shake the very foundation of the sleepy momentum monoculture that seems happily mired in decades-old, simplistic, risk models that not only fail to treat momentum as the multi-faceted problem it is, but also fail to consider fundamental signal processing methods (older than Modern Portfolio Theory) that reduce the "random walk" part of the signal and improve the probability of making a better investment choice. The book's principles and methods are described in a manner most ordinary investors will easily grasp, and while it is complicated under the hood (like your car), software tools make it easy to drive.  So, buckle up, turn the page, and let's go for a ride!

 About: Conquering the Seven Faces of Risk 


Quantifying Prudent Risk

The FEDS (FINRA, ERISA, DOL, SEC) are silent on quantitative measures defining suitable and prudent risk management.

• While a wide latitude helps advisors satisfy client needs, it provides no basis for defense in a risk management audit.

• However, industry consensus definitions for risk-ranked portfolios are entrenched and accepted by the FEDS. Thus, their risk measures quantify suitable and prudent risk.  

White Paper: "Satisfying the Prudent Man" 

Other Publications


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