Jan-20-2019 – Yes – these trade alerts are real! You are seeing one of the benefit of StormGuard-Armor+ that was announced in the Christmas Newsletter. StormGuard-Armor+ allows the system to re-enter the market before month-end if certain rebound patterns occur. This does not mean there will be no more bumps, just that we will almost certainly be generally heading higher. Furthermore, all formal Bear Market Strategies BMS), including any you make that are properly designated, now incorporate two important improvements: (1) They have been bestowed with MerlynAI’s Pop-n-Drop detection algorithm and thus do a much better job with some of the wicked bumps in aggressive treasuries and other such funds. (2) Although Hi-Yield Bond funds can be a blessing, they generally sink a little at the start of a bear market or correction because they too represent the perceived health of companies. If the market starts dropping quickly, their lagging trends sometimes do not exclude them from possible selection quickly enough. Thus, this entire class of funds is now excluded from selection automatically during the first two months following the trigger of StormGuard-Armor.

These BMS features will automatically be expressed in your Strategy without any action on your part. Keep in mind that our Strategies are not accounting records, but are trading models designed to show how the Strategy handled the various market conditions in the past.

Note: MerlynAI Strategies are limited to month-end trading for technical reasons involving the evolutionary process and will issue their trade alerts then.

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