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True Sector Rotation® Strategies and Portfolios

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Example Strategies Overview
A Strategy is simply a set of up to 12 mutual funds or ETFs selected to manage an investment account. For example, a Strategy may focus on country funds, sector funds, index funds, income producing funds, or conservative bonds and treasuries.  AlphaDroid's True Sector Rotation algorithm determines which one (and only one) of them to own next month. It's only by owning the trend leader and avoiding trend laggards that one can simultaneously improve returns and reduce risk.

Additionally, there are example Strategy-of-Strategies and Portfolio-of-Strategies in the tables below. A Strategy-of-Strategies (SOS) reduces the risk of hindsight bias by broadening the funnel of funds that contend for leadership. With an SOS you own only the best trending fund of the best trending Strategy. A Portfolio-of-Strategies reduces the remnant risk of individual Strategies in the same way ordinary diversification reduces risk within a fund. Closely examine the risk and return performance of each to understand the ways in which they can improve investment performance.

Std. ETFs

   ETF Sectors / Mixed  (no leverage)

ETF Mix - II

ETF Mix - I

ETF Power Mix - II

ETF Power Mix - I

ETF Kick Ass Mix
  ETF International / Conservative  (no leverage)

ETF U.S. Diversified

ETF World Regions

ETF Countries - iShares

ETF Dividend Bond Treasury

ETF Black Gold Hedge

Mutual Funds

  Fidelity Mutual Funds

Fidelity High Income-Bond

Fidelity International

Fidelity Select Funds - I

Fidelity Select Funds - iI

Fidelity Select Funds - iiI
  Vanguard  Mutual Funds

Vanguard Income, Bond

Vanguard US Diversified

Vanguard Sectors

Vanguard Mutuals Mix-1

Vanguard Mutuals Mix-2

401k, PERS, TSP

401(k) Company Plans

401k - Amazon

401k - Del Monte

401k - Kaiser Permanente

401k - Oracle

401k - Yahoo!
 PERS and TSP State and Federal Plans

Texas State 401k

New York State 457 DCP-1

Connecticut State 457b

Wash. State DRS Plan 3

TSP Thrift Savings Plan


What is a Strategy-of-Strategies? 
While a SectorSurfer Strategy selects the trend leader from among a set of candidates funds or stocks, a Strategy-of-Strategies (SOS) selects the trend leader from among a set of candidates Strategies. Thus, one owns the best performing fund of the best performing Strategy. The primary benefit of an SOS is to make sure that if the strategy you are using falters for any reason, the SOS will automatically switch you to an alternative Strategy that has not faltered. 

For example, the Strategy you own could get a "flat tire" for a while in the future because it didn't have the perfect set of candidate funds that provides a continuous sequence of power strokes. This can easily happen if you choose not to include a particular asset class or sector fund as one of the candidates because it had not performed well for a few years. No one can predict when political events or new discoveries will suddenly change the prospects for a previously poorly performing fund. Thus, a Strategy-of-Strategies is a form of insurance designed to reduce the risk of selection bias. Instructions for building your own Strategy-of-Strategies can be found HERE.


SOS:  ETF Power Mix

SOS:  ETF Conservative

SOS:  Fidelity Global

SOS: Vanguard Global


What is a Portfolio-of-Strategies? 
A Portfolio-of-Strategies utilizes the risk reduction sequence of (1) company diversification within funds to reduce volatility risks associated with individual companies; (2) serial diversification within Strategies to simultaneously boost returns and reduce risk by owning only trend leaders and avoiding trend laggards; and (3) Strategy diversification within a portfolio to reduce volatility associated with the sectors and asset classes owned by its Strategies. Build your own Portfolios on the Portfolios page (see main menu)


 ETF Aggressive

 ETF Conservative

 Fidelity Global

 Vanguard Global

Secret SOS

 Prudent Momentum Portfolio - Family

Overview of Prudent Momentum Family

The Prudent Momentum Portfolios may be imported directly into your account on the Portfolios page by clicking the "P" icon and searching the list for the portfolio of interest. You will be asked for your permission to automatically import the supporting strategies for the selected Portfolio.

Prudent Momentum 20:80

Prudent Momentum 40:60

Prudent Momentum 60:40

Prudent Momentum 80:20

Prudent Momentum 100:0

SecretSaus Fund Name Trades/Yr Log Chart  BarChart BornOnDate Min Hold  Last Trade 3Years    10Years   AllYears  chartClose StormGuard FastTrack TheScore  TheTrend  RealRisk  TheShRatio TheSoRatio TheDrawdown

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