NOTE: Major System Upgrade Late Friday ...

This upgrade will formally integrate the Dual Defense algorithm into the Merlyn.AI Genetic Algorithm. It will seriously improve performance of the Merlyn's Magic Portfolio and the Merlyn.AI Indexes (WIZ Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter and DUDE SectorSurfer Momentum) in wonky markets such as we have been experiencing courtesy of excess trillions in stimulus, rampant inflation, and bond-killing rapid interest rate hikes. There will be more information about this important upgrade in our next Newsletter.

The upgrade will be complex and tedious and may take into Saturday morning to complete. There may be some temporary service interruptions as we work. When complete, we will update the data and all of your Strategies and Portfolios. This is month-end, so your new trades will be generated and sent on Saturday. This is a fundamentally important upgrade - be sure to read about it in the next Newsletter!

May the markets be with us!
Scott Juds
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