ANNOUNCING: SwanGuard Vaccination is Here!

All Strategies with StormGuard-Armor enabled will now additionally be protected in the future from sharp, nasty, Black Swan events (like the COVID-19 crash) by our new SwanGuard algorithm. We have added a new checkbox to the advanced features popup called "New Feature Display Backtest Model Mode" to facilitate backtest simulation so you can see how new features behave in past periods. When this box is not checked (the default) new features will be applied (1) after July 18, 2020, or (2) over all time if the LastEdit Date is after July 18, 2020. To make your Strategy show the effects of SwanGuard over all periods you have two opt-in choices; (1) edit your strategy so that its LastEdit Date is after July 18, 2020, or (2) check the new box (which will not change your LastEdit Date).

You can read more about SwanGuard in the Perspective Newsletter due July 23rd, or attend our live streamed SwanGuard Meetup on July 22nd at 7PM. Details Here. Also, see notes in June Newsletter Here

(Note: Enabling SwanGuard will change the sequence of ownership and may change the current BUY symbol.)

Have a great day,
Scott Juds
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